What is a periodontist?

Dr. Henry Meng Yeong WONG is a periodontist, a dental specialist in diseases of the gums, bone and structures around the teeth.

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I have noticed the following symptoms. Can you help?

I need help as I have noticed the following symptoms.

  • Bleeding gums Bleeding I have noticed my gums bleeding when I brush and sometimes even bleeds spontaneously. I have avoided brushing and flossing and it only gets worse. Can it be treated?

    Red bleeding gums are clearly a sign of inflammation, indicating the presence of gum or periodontal disease. Bleeding can occur with brushing which often goes unnoticed and if left untreated, even spontaneously.


    Healthy gums should not bleed. A thorough examination with the aid of XRays will ascertain if the inflammation has affected the underlying bone causing it to shrink or resorb. Bleeding gums as a result of periodontal disease is definitely treatable.

    Poor oral hygiene in pregnancy can also result in bleeding and may result in prematurity and or low birth weight babies. Diabetic patients are also more prone to periodontal disease and the severity of diabetes will make treatment more difficult. Seek help early as it the complexity of treatment will depend on the severity and extent of the disease. It is also important to eliminate other more ominous causes of bleeding such as oral cancers.

  • Bad breath Bad Breath Bad Breath My family and friends have complained of my fetid breath. It is embarrassing as my job requires me to speak. Chewing gum to mask my bad breath is not a solution as the bad breath returns as soon as I stop chewing gum. What can be done?

    Bad Brath

    Halitosis or persistent bad breath is a common symptom of periodontal disease. With the exception of smokers, bad breath is often caused by poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease. With the treatment of periodontal disease, bad breath can be eliminated and in the case of smokers it can be controlled.

  • Foul taste Of late, I have noticed a stale bad taste. Can that be eliminated?

    With chronic gum infections and periodontal pockets, foul taste is often noted especially when there is pus discharge. Periodontal treatment with the reduction or elimination of periodontal pockets will also arrest the foul taste.

  • Loosening of teeth Of late I have noticed my teeth loosening. Can they be saved or will I lose them like my grandparents whose teeth eventually loosened and dropped out?

    Shaky or mobile teeth are caused by shrinkage of the supporting structures to the teeth owing to periodontal disease. Treatment of the teeth either by bonding them together or linking them with crowns or fillings will not address the problem and will only serve to aggravate the situation. If periodontal disease is treated early, teeth will firm up and need not be extracted or lost. Guided bone regeneration is also an option to regenerate the bone which has been lost through gum disease. Our philosophy is to assist patients in keeping their teeth for life.

  • Migration of teeth I have noticed spaces appearing between my teeth and some have even drifted to the extent that my teeth are protruding. Can anything be done?

    Periodontal or gum disease affects the foundation of your teeth and when the bone and gums shrink, the teeth drift and migrate to new positions. The initial sign is often when one flosses, as the contact between teeth which was once there lost. If treatment is sought early the gum disease can be arrested before the teeth drift. Once the teeth have migrated, orthodontic treatment will be required to realign the teeth after periodontal disease has been arrested in order to restore the aesthetics and the manner in which the upper and lower teeth meet when you bite.

  • Food impaction with gaps appearing between teeth Of late, I have noticed food caught in between all my teeth which has never been a problem before.

    With the drifting of teeth, gaps appear and food impaction as a result of migrated teeth is often a sign of periodontal or gum disease. Early treatment will avoid further drifting and consequently, food impaction.

  • Teeth sensitivity I have noticed my teeth are getting more sensitive. Can something be done?

    With the disappearance of supporting bone, the gums recede exposing the roots of teeth which are not only prone to root abrasion and sensitivity but are also unsightly especially in the anterior aesthetic zone. In the absence of disease and periodontal pockets, often periodontal plastic surgery with or without gingival (gum) grafts can be done to repair the area of recession.

  • Is the treatment painful? If you seek treatment early before the condition develops to a severe infection, it should not be painful. Injections in the gums which are generally painless will best enable procedures to be carried out thoroughly and effectively.

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Why do I need to see a periodontist?

A periodontist will help you preserve the health of your gums and bone. Dr. Henry Wong's philosophy is to maintain healthy gums and bone for his patients in order that they can keep their teeth for life. It is only with periodontal health that one can smile confidently and masticate efficiently.

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When do I need to see a periodontist?

  • A. In health: When one has receding gums or a "gummy smile" or when the gum line is irregular. When gum surgery has to be performed to expose cavities in order that restorative work such as fillings or crowns can be done. In event of teeth being lost, pre-prosthetic gum and bone grafts can be done before the placement of dental implants.

  • B. In disease: When periodontal disease or gum disease is present and you notice gum growths, spontaneous bleeding of the gums or upon brushing, halitosis or bad breath, swollen gums, gaps appearing between teeth, shifting or migration of teeth or mobile loose teeth. Early detection and management of periodontal disease will increase the chances of saving teeth and prevention of other systemic health problems. Other pathological conditions of the gums and bone.

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Why choose us?

Dr. Henry Wong Meng Yeong is an experienced clinician whose philosophy is to save the teeth that one is born with. Although we have implants and technology to replace teeth, Dr. Henry Wong feels strongly that one should not sacrifice perfectly sound teeth with healthy periodontium just to have replacements with implants.

Periodontal & Systemic diseases

We work in conjunction with many eminent medical specialists as we have often diagnosed other systemic diseases which need to be co-managed with other medical specialists. As we are located in Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre, there are many other specialists if patients do not already have one to manage their problems such as diabetes, heart disease, blood disorders etc. As our practice is linked to the hospital, there is easy access to in-patients of Mt. Elizabeth Hospital.

Dr. Henry Wong's goal is to provide a holistic approach to management that views the patient as a whole person, not as just a disease or a collection of symptoms. Dr. Wong feels that health is not merely the absence of disease but well being which enables an individual to have a high quality of life.


We realise time is important to you. Dr. Henry Wong runs a punctual appointment system in order that patients are given time to have their procedures done painlessly and are not kept waiting. We appreciate your co-operation as we try not to keep the next patient waiting as that person could be you.


Dr. Henry Wong Meng Yeong is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and also speaks Bahasa Indonesia.

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What would it cost?

It is only after a thorough examination and consultation that we can ascertain what your treatment needs are. What patients think they want done may not be required. Only after diagnosing your treatment needs, can we offer treatment plans and options. Your choice of treatment option would determine the cost of care.

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How do I make an appointment?

  1. Please call our office at +65 6235 2335
  2. Go to http://www.yellowpages.com.sg/
    Search for Periodontics Inc and you will find an icon for a free international call.