New Year Greetings 2014

Sailing in the ocean of life

By Dr. Henry Wong Meng Yeong | Saturday, December 28, 2013

As old year ends, we turn a new page
Discarding old diaries we set a new stage
Surprises untold
How would it unfold?
This time next year we'll gauge

The old year over and done
Even if it wasn't all fun
Good and bad
Happy and sad
Tapestries of memories we've spun

Just moments left to reflect
Memories to keep, we select
Forgetting the pain
Which leaves a stain
Bitterness we choose to reject

With happiness plentiful on board
As food for our souls we hoard
An odyssey long
To keep us strong
Reminiscence of joy we've stored

With precious moments to regale
To tell an age old tale
Of lessons in life
Of struggles and strife
On the ocean of life we sail

Wish your sojourn next year on the tide
Be smooth and safe as you ride
Through gale and squall
Your mast stand tall
May the Almighty be your guide

Happy New Year.


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